Welcome to Sunex Metals

Sunex founded a few years ago has gained an international reputation for quality and timely delivery. Being cost effective and at the same time manufacturing precision products has been the backbone of Sunex.

Sunex has over 100 products and we further take pleasure to inform you that our products have found permanent market in the UK, US, Canada and European Countries because of the excellent quality of our products and competitive prices.

Our Product Range:

Accessories: Spring Assembly, Brass Anchor, Wood Anchor, Installation Rod, Garden pipe, Tamping tool etc.,
Brackets : Handrail, shelf Brackets, Re Inforced Brackets, Gate Brackets, Angle Brackets, Garden Brackets in all shapes and designs, etc.
Brass Electrical and Brass Pipe Fittings : Brass Valves, Brass Couplers, Cable Glands, Bushes and all types of turned brass components, etc.
Clothes Line : Rotary 3 arm as well as 4 Arm Powder coated and String Clothes line, etc.
Stainless Steel Turned Parts and Stamped Parts: CNC Turned Components, End Caps, Pipe turned fittings, Auto Parts,
Fence Post : Made of Sheet Metal Components powder Coated, etc.
Casting and Forging facilities specialize mainly in Brass and Aluminium.
Our Production Facilities :

We have a complete in-house production including tool room plant.

CNC Turned Parts.
German Traubs.
Spring Machine.
Press Plant.
Plating Plant.
Powder Coating Plant.
Casting & Forging facility.
Laser width measurement

This has helped us in achieving a remarkable edge our rivals.

We can also develop any item of Engineering goods whatsoever required by you for your trade according to your drawing/specification/samples.

You may feel free in forwarding us your drawings/samples for the item of your immediate intrest and see how quickly we respond to you with our offer and counter samples.