Steel Springs

Overview : We manufacture coil springs, wireforms upto 10mm Ø in a range of materials including BS5216 & BS1706 metals and phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, niminic & inconel. Our capacity includes cnc wire forming machines, high speed compression spring coilers and heat treatment facilities.

Compression Springs : We manufacture a wide range of compression coil springs offering both open, closed and ground ends with wire diameters of up to 8mm Ø in spring steel and stainless steel as well as manufacturing coil springs in music wire. We also offer a range of finishes including electrodeposition, chemical conversion and painting. Compression Springs can be used for a wide range of applications including:

Valve Springs
Suspension Springs
Brake Springs
Die Springs
Lifting Gear
Extension Springs : We manufacture extension coil springs to order supplying both standard designs as well as specials. Wire capacity ranges from 0.25mm Ø in music wire upto 6mm Ø in spring steel. As well as offering a range of end loops & hooks we also fit assembly bolts, threaded plugs and bespoke wire forms. Typical applications include:

Furniture Springs
Door return Springs
Pull-Return Springs
Acoustic & Anti-Vibration
Automotive Interiors
Torsion Springs : We manufacture both left and right handed coils with a variety of standard springs ends as well as specials such as doubles and complex leg arrangements.

Tapered & Garter Springs : We fabricate continuous extension coil springs with special tapers for gartering as well as specialist tapered/conical contact springs in materials such as copper or brass finished in a range of methods including surface conversion and electroplating.

Drawbar Springs : We are specialist suppliers of drawbar springs catering for a variety loads and extension lengths. We also offer tapered compression springs as an alternative to the regular compression springs for improved aesthetics.

Specialty Springs : We have vast experience in making coil springs and wireforms and pride ourselves in our ability to create any type of spring required whether its a small batch of complex torsion springs or a combined coil spring and wireform assembly, we have the experience to handle your job.

Miscellaneous Springs : As well as coil spring manufacture our capability also covers the manufacture of a whole range of other types of springs:

Clock Springs
Constant Force Springs
Spring Washers
Leaf Springs

Sample pictures of Springs